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How Does the Future Affect My Case Study?

How Does the Future Affect My Case Study?

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Jehoshaphat I. Abu
·Sep 24, 2017·

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This article continues from where I left off in the last article. If you’ve not read the last article, you can read it here.

After the last article, I went back and did more studying on where the VR /AR industries are headed. Now that I know a bit about where the VR / AR industries are headed, it’s now time to start thinking about how those future trends will impact my projects.

How would Augmented Reality better help teach your experience?

Augmented reality will better help teach my experience by allowing student to learn from anywhere, and even overlay virtual components from my experience onto a real life instrument. I can imagine a students attaching a sustain pedal from a piano in my experience unto a real life piano.

How could eye tracking help you better tailor your experience to your students?

With eye tracking, I can better focus my students attention on fine grain details of components and how they all fit into the whole with more realistic perspective. This would have not been possible without eye tracking. Also with eye tracking, I may be able to better reduce motion sickness and make the experience more comfortable for most students.

How would better Haptics better teach your experience?

Using this technology, the students could feel the size and texture of each component by simulating real sizes and they could interact with them like they would in reality.

How important is graphical fidelity to your experience? (Yes this is the same as last time, but important to consider as students could potentially get better technology)

Graphical fidelity is very important because it is a way to show the students how a musical instrument and it’s components look like in reality.

How critical is it that your target student receives this training within the next two years?

It is not critical that the target students receive this training within the next two years since the material doesn’t really change much.

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