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Creating A Sound Engineering VR App — My Considerations

Creating A Sound Engineering VR App — My Considerations

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Jehoshaphat I. Abu
·Sep 25, 2017·

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This article describes my considerations before creating a sound engineering VR Application.

The Application

The user walks into an equipped music production studio. In the studio, the user can select from a wide range of equipment that he/she can connect together base on instruction he/she will be provided.

A typical scenario is when a user walks into the studio, selects a mixer, a speaker and some cables. The student will be able to use the cables and connect the selected mixer to the selected speaker by following the guide in the app.


The persona for the purpose of this VR application is shown underneath.



How accessible would each VR platform be to your target student in terms of price? Take into account location, age, and income

Taking into account location, age and income of my target students, each VR platform will be easily accessible to them.

How interactive does your lesson need to be? For example, do I need to pick things up or could I get away with just looking at objects?

My lesson would need to be very interactive. I want students to be able to pick equipment up, and have life like interaction with those equipment.

How realistic do your visuals need to be in order to teach? For example, could I use 2D images and videos in a 3D Environment or do you need high poly 3D models.

My visuals don’t need to be very realistic. But having very realistic visual will make the experience better immersive. I can use 2D images and videos in a 3D environment. Also, I would need high poly 3D models.

Does my student need to feel like a participant in the experience or can they be a passive viewer? Could they be both?

My students need to feel like a participant in the experience.

Given the answers above, what are potential platforms you could use for your experience?

Given the answers above, I could use HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Microsoft Hololens as potential platform form my experience. Cardboard wouldn’t be suitable for this situation.

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