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FlyVR(The Anorak Teamwork Project)

FlyVR(The Anorak Teamwork Project)

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Jehoshaphat I. Abu
·Oct 9, 2017·

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Group Project work for Udacity VR nanodegree

This is a story for the teamwork project we did whilst undertaking the Udacity VR nanodegree. The theme is “Color”. We are Team Anorak.

We are 4 people coming from different background and time zone, scattered around China( East Asia) and Nigeria(West Africa), get together working on a team project.

What is FlyVR?

FlyVR is a mobile VR game that sees the player guide a ship through space, shooting asteroids and flying through gates to score points within a defined time.

The Background

The theme for the project is color. Our first thought was that color is too broad, may be? Everything has colors, what are we going to do with this theme? Lots of ideas came up, puzzle, real estate, space shooter…

Which one to decide? Oh well we’re Anorak. let’s make something easy, not too stressful, but useful, a colorful experience, where everyone can understand what we’re trying to do regardless of age. At least.

What Did We Do?

Considering how busy individual team members may be with their day job, other commitment outside this project and the time we had before the due date, we decided to take a sample VR project smaple provided by unity and tweak it to match the project’s theme(color).

The Sample Project we modified to match the projects theme(color)The Sample Project we modified to match the projects theme(color)

The Process


To allow for collaboration on the project, We downloaded the VR sample from Unity asset store, created a github repo and pushed it there.

Assigning Roles

Each team member was assigned a role on the project. Someone was assigned to take care of the code, another person was assigned to take care of the documentation, another was assigned to mange the 3D assets while the last person was assigned the role of creating/designing the sounds.

Putting it all together

At the end, we did something. The sample project was initially made for Oculus and Daydream. We ported it to Google Cardboard.

Our VR Result

Our Challenges

We would say our biggest challenge working on this project was life happening. Some of us on the team had other commitment(s) beyond our control that took us away when we least expected.

But in the end, we managed to reach final and though there’s so much we can improve in the future, I’m happy at where we are, because executing this project has given us loads of experiences.

In conclusion, this is a step in the right direction for all four of us on the journey of VR development. We learned a great deal during this teamwork project. Most importantly, we learned to collaborate, appreciate each other and had fun.

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