100 Days Of ML Code — Day 095

100 Days Of ML Code — Day 095

100 Days Of ML Code — Day 095

Recap from day 094

In day 094 we addressed the question of how many channels we need to record sound in different scenarios to represent the location of sound in space. We learned that interaural delay time, IDT is the difference in the time delay between when the sound gets to your right ear and when it gets to your left ear.

You can catch up using the link below. 100 Days Of ML Code — Day 094 Recap from day 093medium.com

Today, we are going to continue from where we left off in day 094

HRTF (head-related transfer function) simply means that if we look at the yellow line going to the right ear in the image above we’ll see that for sound to get to your right ear it’s actually travelling through your head. So, sound depending on where it's coming from might have to get through your head to get to your ear.

It might have to get through parts of your ear. Your outer ear, it might have to go through all different parts of your head in order to get to your ear and actually be heard and as it travels through your head that’s different from it travelling through air. In particular, some of the higher frequency components of that sound are going to lose some more energy and so it’s going to sound different by the time it gets to your ear because it had to travel through your head or through your outer ear through all these different places.

Again, we kind of automatically pick up on these queues and this helps us to figure out where a sound is coming from. So, interaural delay time and head-related transfer function are really powerful ques for us to get a sense of where a sound is coming from in space. So we can take advantage of these if we’re listening on headphones, to do something called a binaural sound.

A binaural sound is essentially spatialized sound designed explicitly to be heard over headphones. We’ll see binaural sound in details in day 095.

That’s all for day 095. I hope you found this informative. Thank you for taking time out of your schedule and allowing me to be your guide on this journey. And until next time, be legendary.